Stand up to HIV Stigma appeal

Will you help us raise £10,000 by the end of July?

We're launching an urgent appeal to say enough is enough. Will you join us this July to Stand up to HIV Stigma?


Your gift will help to stop the damage caused by stigma 

HIV stigma is rife in the UK and and it's destructive. We cannot and will not let it continue. 

Each gift will allow us to fight back by campaigning, educating and inspiring people to stand together against HIV stigma. Will you help?

Your gift could support more people like Tresca. When she was diagnosed with HIV, one of her children refused to share cutlery and plates with her.

Tresca talks about the impact that HIV stigma has had on her life

"It was heartbreaking to be treated that way by my own child," Tresca told us. "In the years after I was diagnosed, I stopped taking medication because I didn't see the point.  I felt as I did because of stigma and it could have killed me."

We're saying enough is enough to the outdated attitudes that let stigma flourish. It's time to pushback against hurtful comments and prejudice. Are you in?


What your gift could do 

£5 could help us get our free HIV teaching materials into one school so we can educate young people about the pain stigma causes 

£10 could pay for someone who's experienced HIV discrimination to get 30 minutes of expert advice and legal support

£20 could pay for us to brief an MP so they can push a Minister on a key policy decision relating to HIV rights 

Support our urgent appeal 

With collective effort, we can stop HIV stigma and the suffering it causes. Please chip in today and join us to say enough is enough to prejudice and hate.