Donate to end HIV and fight for equality

HIV shouldn’t stop anyone leading the life they choose. Together, we’ll create a future where it doesn’t.

Inequality remains rife and stigma is entrenched. People living with HIV are discriminated against when accessing services, even in healthcare, and are more likely to experience poor mental health and poverty. Stigma leads to isolation and people losing their jobs and being subject to abuse.

Your donation will help change this.

It will mean we can end these injustices by changing policies and practices which discriminate against people living with HIV. It’ll help us fight to end new cases of HIV in the UK by 2030 and to create a fairer society for people living with HIV.

Since we formed 35 years ago, we’ve been at the forefront of change for people living with HIV. Because of us:

  • PrEP, a HIV prevention pill, is available free on the NHS
  • HIV is recognised as a disability, giving people a host of legal protections
  • There was an end to the discriminatory lifetime ban on gay and bisexual men donating blood
  • The last legal barriers to employment have finally been removed for people living with HIV
  • Pre-employment questionnaires were made illegal – so employers can’t decide whether to offer a job based on HIV status
  • More new mothers can access free formula milk to avoid HIV transmission