This Pride Month, ask your MP to support equal HIV fertility rights

Many people are unfairly denied chances to have a family because they are LGBT+ and living with HIV. Help us to change this by raising it with your MP today.

Current law stops people living with HIV from donating gametes (sperm and eggs), even though those on effective treatment can’t pass HIV on.

Under the same laws, LGBT+ people exploring surrogacy to become parents are considered ‘donors’. A woman who wishes for her egg to be used to have to have a child with her female partner, and that partner plans to carry the child, is also considered a ‘donor’.

This means that the HIV donor rules stop them from having the same fertility care options as others – even though there is no risk to a surrogate or partner. Heterosexual couples aren’t covered by these rules unless considering surrogacy.

The law is not backed up by science and is discriminatory.

This Pride month, we are calling on the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care to use his existing legal powers to change the law.

People living with HIV and LGBT+ people deserve equal fertility rights. Please help us by writing to your MP today.

  • Ann C 16.11.2023 15:26
  • Charlotte-Eve S 22.09.2023 10:19
  • Anthi K 22.09.2023 10:17
  • Natalie W 21.09.2023 17:37